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To Our Kickstarter 

Help support the vision of Culture Meets Presence 

I believe in the power of community and collaboration, which is why I have decided to use Kickstarter as the platform to bring our idea to life. I think Kickstarter provides a unique opportunity for creators to share their vision for creative projects with a passionate and engaged audience eager to support innovative and inspiring ideas. I am confident that our documentary has the potential to make a meaningful impact on audiences around the world, and we're excited to have the chance to share it with the Kickstarter community.

-Kim Peavler

Get Rewarded: Exciting Benefits for Supporting Our Kickstarter Campaign

Join our Kickstarter campaign and become a backer to receive incredible incentives! Here are some of the rewards that await you.

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Pledge $25 and receive a personal social media shout-out on our Facebook and Instagram, along with a playlist of our favorite mindfulness songs and books.

For $150, get a one-hour consultation with either me, our director Brandi Reed, or our sound director Romel (hurry, only one reward for each of us!).

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Pledge $250 and attend a screening of your choice in person to celebrate the completion of the film (minus travel).

For $500, you'll be credited as Associate Producer and have access to the set for one day.

Don't miss out on these and many more amazing rewards!
I believe that your support is vital to the success of our project, and we hope to build a community of backers who share our vision and can help us bring this project to fruition. I am confident that with your help, we will make our documentary,"Culture Meets Presence," a reality.
Thank you for your support, and I look forward to having you as a backer for our project!

-Kim Peavler

Support our Cause:
Donate to Our Designated 501c3 for Tax-Deductible Contributions

We appreciate your interest in donating to our designated 501c3 fiscal sponsor. To ensure that all your donations are tax deductible, please send us an email requesting more information, and we will provide you with all the necessary details. Thank you for your support!

Send us a message and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Thanks for submitting!

From the Heart Productions, Inc. is honored to provide fiscal sponsorship for the film Culture Meets Presence. We carefully select the films we sponsor, and believe that this project will make a positive contribution to society and to the field of filmmaking.

We have been successfully funding films since our inception in 1993 under the 501(c )(3) Internal Revenue Code of 1954. We are also classified as a public charity under section 509(a )(2) of the Code. As such, any monetary donations to our Fiscal Sponsorship Program qualify as charitable contributions under the U.S. Tax Code.

Our IRS number is 95 444 5418 and, as a donor, you may use this number on your taxes with the donated amount for a tax deduction.

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